The Cowboys of the Wild West in… Italy? A new exhibit focuses on the Butteri

May 20, 2023 312

BY: Kamila Kudelska

Karen McWhorter, the Collier-Read director of Curatorial, Education, and Museum Services at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, walked into the center’s temporary photography exhibit space. “We'll walk through and check out a couple of these. Some are printed in larger format on metal,” McWhorter said as she started a quick tour of the newest photography exhibit, Italy’s Legendary Cowboys of the Maremma.

Along the burgundy walls are scenes that could very much take place just outside the doors of the museum in Cody, but if you look closely there are subtle differences. “Their clothing in particular is one thing that our visitors may notice a difference,” McWhorter explained. “These incredible clothes with roots in historical dress.”

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