Walker Art Center hires new curators from Milan and New York City

Mar 25, 2016 598

by Mary Abbe

Walker Art Center has hired two curators, Adrienne Edwards from New York City and Vincenzo de Bellis from Milan, Italy.

Vincenzo De Bellis, who was born 1977 in Putignano, Italy on the Adriatic coast, will be Curator, Visual Arts at the Walker. A co-founder in 2009 of the non-profit Peep-Hole Art Center in Milan, he has staged exhibitions featuring work by Mario Garcia Torres, Ahmet Ogut, Renata Lucas, Pavel Buchler, Gabriel Sierra, Rosalind Nashashibi and Trisha Baga among others. Peep-Hole specializes in site-specific projects often arranged in collaboration with other organizations.

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