“The Elixir of Love” Turns Back The Clock of Love at The Minnesota Opera

Jan 31, 2024 694

BY: Randy Stern

The Elixir of Love will be enchanting audiences at the Ordway in downtown St Paul through this weekend. The latest in Minnesota Opera’s 2023-2024 season, this production effortlessly captures hearts with its romantic comedy storyline, charming cast, and delightful stage design. The Elixir of Love only runs through February 4th, so get the posse together for Galentines or surprise your sweetheart with an early Valentine’s viewing of this classic Italian opera.

The premise of The Elixir of Love is familiar to anyone who has watched a romantic comedy made in the 90s. A rich woman thinks she is better than the poor man who is smitten with her and she refuses his advances until outside circumstances change her mind. Because of course stories that 1) celebrate the humbling of women and 2) showcase average men obtaining the extraordinary go back to at least the 19th century. 

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SOURCE: https://lavendermagazine.com

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