Here's what to know about the Columbus Day Festival and parade on Federal Hill

Oct 08, 2021 474

BY: Jack Perry

The Columbus Day Festival on Federal Hill is back after a one-year hiatus due to COVID-19, and it's bigger than before. "This year is the full-blown return, and it's the 29th annual," said Rick Simone, president of the Federal Hill Commerce Association. The festival, which starts Friday evening and concludes Monday night, has added a fourth day this year, according to Simone.

The annual celebration of Italian heritage is the association's biggest single event of the year; previous festivals have run three days and attracted 100,000 people. "We do expect we'll reach that easily," Simone said. Highlights include chefs demonstrating their cooking techniques, more than 20 Federal Hill restaurants offering expanded seating and/or additional menu items, 70 food and retail vendors, entertainment, games, amusement rides and Sunday's parade.

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