Italian American Alliance is an active and dedicated group

Jan 08, 2019 795

BY: Dr. Domenic Amara

As you know, the Pirandello Lyceum has become an active member of the Italian American Alliance.  As the President of the Pirandello Lyceum I am a member of the  Board of Directors. The Italian American Alliance was formed over a year ago to address the growing effort of many in American society to revise the history of many cultures in such a way that serves their social agenda. The Italian culture is decidedly one of their targets. 

Lest you believe that the threat  is not real, you should be aware that in the last few months: the City of Cambridge secretly pushed through an ordinance that eliminated Columbus Day celebrations – at the very time they invited the Italian Consul General to officiate at an Italian American celebration.  In the last few months the City of Brookline, announced that it too would eliminate Columbus Day celebrations. 

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