Spremulli brothers reunion a trip down memory lane

Jun 28, 2018 846

BY: Pete Fontaine

Although most families hold reunions to coincide with various milestones in each member’s life, the Spremulli’s, who have long-time ties to Johnston, Cranston and Providence, have always taken a much different route. On a recent sunny afternoon, the Spremulli brothers – John, Tony and Joe – held their annual family reunion-luncheon inside famed Twin Oaks Restaurant in Cranston.

“The stories were incredible,” Louis Spremulli said of the brother’s fun-filled reunion. “There were stories about the old days … even new stories … everyone had a great time and I was honored to have been included in the fun.” F-U-N is the way the brothers Spremulli – John, 91; Tony, 89; and the younger Louis’ father Joseph, 86 – make a ritual in their lives that was filled with hard work and those old-time values that their children have carried on through the years.

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SOURCE: http://johnstonsunrise.net/

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