Call for Papers--Bambini, Ragazzi, Giovani: Children and Youth in Italy and the Italian Diaspora -- 2015 Annual Conference

Aug 22, 2014 863

April 24-25, 2015

Queens College, City University of New York
25 West 43rd Street, 17th floor (between 5th and 6th Avenues), Manhattan

The Italian family has been a quintessential subject for scholarly research and creative work in Italy and among various diasporic communities, with matters relating to children and youth receiving significant exploration. In the United States, notable inquiries concerning youth issues include sociologist William Foote Whyte's urban ethnography Street Corner Society (1943) and educator Leonard Covello's The Social Background of the Italo-American School Child (1967). The twenty-first century brings new lines of inquiry as well as new issues, such as changing family structures, Internet culture, and increased migratory movement.

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