Enchanting Venice. ACQUA ALTA: The History, Its Occurrences, And How The Hardy Venetians Deal With It

Dec 08, 2015 810

December 12 10:30 am — 12:00 pm - Westchester Italian Cultural Center - 24 Depot Square - Tuckahoe, NY - Members $15, Non-Members $25

Acqua alta refers to the higher than normal water levels that invade the city of Venice and cause the lagoon's salt water to overflow the edges of the canals and flood the streets. Those who love Venice are, of course, concerned with the damaging effects of this periodic flooding, both on the artistic monuments and the life of the city in general. Since the flooding has occurred for centuries, becoming a frequent fact of life in Venice, it was built into the life of the city itself. Learn how the Venetians deal with this problem on a daily basis, and what the government is doing to hold back the rising waters.

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Source: http://wiccny.org/

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