Finding Staten Italy in Staten Island, NYC

Nov 15, 2021 628

We’re kicking off Season 2 with a trip to the most Italian American Borough in New York City, the often-overlooked and overwhelmingly Italian land of Staten Island, NY! Join John, Rossella and Pat as they visit their friend Gina Biancardi, the founder of Casa Belvedere: The Italian Cultural Foundation for a day spent exploring an island so Italian that its often called Staten Italy!

From a fresh baked breakfast worthy of a piazza in Rome, to lunch under the grape vines at one of NYC’s oldest and finest Italian Restaurants, we’re sampling home made mozzarella at an Italian American institution, seeking out the Italian roots of the telephone, and unearthing a hand-built shrine that has become one of NYC’s most beloved pilgrimage sites. 

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SOURCE: The Italian American Podcast - IAtv

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