Frances Brigandi, known for her keen fashion sense, celebrates birthday No. 104 at the famed Palm Court at The Plaza

Jun 23, 2021 379

BY: Carol Ann Benanti

They say the third time is the charm. So when it came time for Frances Brigandi to celebrate birthday No. 104, her daughter, Rosemary Klein, and granddaughters Dr. Diane Klein and Dr. Christina Klein, who practice dentistry at Dynamic Dental in Great Kills, thought, ”Why not celebrate times three?”

The awesome foursome initially celebrated at the Palm Court at the famed Plaza Hotel, the iconic, swanky venue offering high-end breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails — then at several hot spots in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District and lastly at the picturesque Angelina’s Tottenvilla, the popular eatery in New York’s Southernmost town.

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