Italian-American Female Leaders on Their Success: “Risk is the Jet Fuel of Creativity”

Dec 21, 2021 245

BY: Lara Dreux

Gathering Italian and Italian-American women to tell their stories, the Italian Consulate of New York set up an in-person event on Monday 13th of December. Hosted by the Consul General Fabrizio Di Michele and moderated by journalist/correspondent Maria Luisa Rossi Hawkins, guests Natalia Bergamaschi, Jodi Pulice and Adriana Trigiani were all invited to informally share their personal and professional journeys and interact with the public.

Following Rossi Hawkins’ brief introduction, Natalia Bergamaschi, Google’s strategic partnerships’ developer in the News and Publishing sector, was the first guest to share her story. As an Italian immigrant in the US, Bergamaschi had many obstacles to overcome before finding success and stability. 

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