Italian mayor celebrates international friendship with Staten Island

Oct 18, 2013 532

By Thomas D'Addona

As Staten Island and America celebrate Columbus Day, I wanted to offer an Italian's perspective on what is a deep-rooted, historical friendship between two great countries: Italy and the United States.

Maybe it was because the Genovese Cristoforo Colombo risked it all to set sail for the "New World" or because millions and millions of Americans have roots in Italy, or because U.S. GIs paid the ultimate sacrifice to free my country from fascist tyranny [I suspect it's due to all of the above], our nations' friendship is based on a deep respect and a mutual admiration.

As mayor of Crespina, a small, picturesque town in the heart of Tuscany, and Staten Island's official "Sister City," I am proud of the bond between our two nations but particularly between the borough and my "comune," as we say.

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