New York, Magazzino Italian Art presents the works of Mario Schifano with a completely new vision

Mar 08, 2024 733

Magazzino Italian Art in New York presents a new exhibition of the works of Mario Schifano (Homs, 1934 - Rome, 1998), artist, filmmaker and musician. Curated by Filippo Fossati, director of Magazzino, in collaboration with the Mario Schifano Archive and the Maurizio Calvesi Archive, the exhibition entitled Germinal will be on view from March 23 to August 9, 2024 in the Robert Olnick Pavilion.

The exhibition opens with a series of monochrome paintings with which Schifano presented himself in 1960: single-color, enamel-painted backgrounds. The titles, designed to stimulate the visitor’s imagination, highlight the versatility of Schifano’s thinking, which ranges from jazz to movement and contemporary Rome to art history. 

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