On Staten Island, de Blasio talks Italian heritage, his agenda, and Recchia for Congress

Mar 19, 2014 630

by Jillian Jorgensen

Mayor Bill de Blasio came to Staten Island to celebrate Italian-American heritage, diversity and his fellow Democrats on the eve of St. Joseph's Day, and also put in a good word for Domenic M. Recchia Jr.'s congressional campaign. The mayor attended the Richmond County Democratic Committee St Joseph's Day Dinner at La Strada Restaurant in New Dorp.

It was a night for Democrats -- and for Italian-Americans, whose city heritage Democratic Party Chair John Gulino referenced in introducing de Blasio. "We had Joe DiMaggio in center field, Frank Sinatra at Carnegie Hall, Fiorello LaGuardia at City Hall -- and now we have you leading our city," Gulino told de Blasio.

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Source: http://www.silive.com/

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