Risorgimento Lecture and Plaque Unveiling at the Italian American Museum

Nov 23, 2017 714

Curiosity got the better of me Thursday evening (Nov. 9th) and I decided to attend the “Risorgimento” lecture and dedication of a bronze plaque in honor of Il Padre della Patria, King Vittorio Emanuele II, at the Italian American Museum. Sponsored by the Guardia D’Onore* (Guard of Honor) and the American Foundation of Savoy Orders, I was not hopeful for an upfront discussion about this controversial period of history.

Sadly, due to an unfortunate accident, the original speaker could not make it so Prof. Eric J. Ierardi filled in for him. Perhaps I’m too polite, but seeing as how Prof. Ierardi read from a prepared speech, and admitted he wasn’t an expert on the subject, I didn’t think it expedient to blindside him with condemnation and refutations. 

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SOURCE: http://ilregno2s.blogspot.it/

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