St. Joseph's Day: An official guide to the Italian tradition

Mar 05, 2019 3403

BY: Pamela Silvestri

St. Joseph’s Day is just one sign of spring that captures our attention with the universal language of food. Special pastries, a delightful pasta and very specific foods to the day -- this year celebrated on Tuesday, March 19 -- make it unique Italian tradition. This fantastical version of Pasta Con Sarde, pasta cooked with sardines, raisins, fennel fronds and pine nuts (pignoli), comes courtesy of Mona Lisa Pizzeria in Annadale. It is among the "must-have" dishes of St. Joseph's Day. 

If you are a Joseph – one of those names that crosses cultural lines – this day is dedicated to you, courtesy of the saint himself. St. Joseph is the father of Jesus Christ, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the patron saint of workers. 

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