Syracuse Mayor Must Leave Columbus Statue Per Court Order

Mar 19, 2022 307

BY: Brown James

The National Columbus Education Foundation (NCEF) is pleased with the New York Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the Syracuse Columbus statue remaining in downtown Syracuse. On Friday, March 11, Judge Gerard Neri of the New York Supreme Court handed down a ruling declaring the city of Syracuse entered a covenant in 1990 to maintain the monument when it accepted private donations to help with renovations on the statue, and that the covenant is still in effect.

This covenant, Judge Neri said, obligates the city of Syracuse to keep the Christopher Columbus monument in its current location for the duration of its “useful life”. The Columbus statue in question sits at the center of St. Mary’s Square in downtown Syracuse, and it was originally created with the hard-earned money of the local Italian American community of that city in 1934. It is a beautiful piece of American heritage, and it has been a beacon of pride for the Italian American community not just in Syracuse, but across the entire country.

Upon learning the news of the order for the Columbus statue to remain in downtown Syracuse, Angelo Vivolo, the president of the NCEF, said, “I’m delighted to see the history of Italian Americans in Syracuse will not be recklessly disregarded and thrown to the wayside, as Mayor Walsh would have it.” Mr. Vivolo went on to say, “It is my sincere hope that we add celebrations of one another’s culture and heritage, not tear down existing ones.”

The NCEF asks the city of Syracuse, and the community of Syracuse, to recommit to the celebration of its Italian American heritage, to preserve history and cultural sites, and to expand celebrations of the city’s vibrant people and past. The NCEF thanks those in the Syracuse community who fought with their money and time to see that the Columbus statue at St. Mary’s Square stays where it belongs.

About the National Columbus Education Foundation

The National Columbus Education Foundation was organized to conduct and distribute research, studies and analysis relating to Christopher Columbus. Comprised of members from all major national Italian American organizations -- Columbus Citizens Foundation, the Italian Sons and Daughters of America (ISDA), the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA), and UNICO National-- the Foundation intends to develop policy solutions and proposals to address the preservation of Columbus Day with an emphasis on correcting the false narrative surrounding the famed explorer. Resources will be directed towards educating the general public to promote an active discussion to verify the great accomplishment of Christopher Columbus and why Columbus Day should be preserved. For more information, visit 

SOURCE: National Columbus Education Foundation

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