Visions of Dante

Mar 10, 2022 526

BY: Casa Belvedere

Tuesday, March 22 at 7 pm. Visions of Dante. A virtual program led by Carla Gambescia. Register here: zoom link will be sent before the program. Organized by Casa Belvedere, The Italian Cultural Foundation. Dante Alighieri is perhaps the greatest poet to have ever lived, and his La Divina Commedia is universally considered one of the very finest works of world literature.

To celebrate Dante Di’ (celebrated worldwide on March 25), we present a visually stunning lecture that explores Dante’s prodigious genius, how he mapped eternity, and the enormity of his legacy. We will also examine many extraordinary works of art and the artists behind them – including Botticelli, William Blake and Salvatore Dali – that his magnum opus inspired over the centuries.

Carla Gambescia is the author of La Dolce Vita University: An Unconventional Guide to Italian Culture from A to Z, Silver Prize winner of “Best Travel Book of the Year” awarded by the North American Travel Journalists Association.

A regular lecturer on topics of Italian cultural interest, Carla has written about and toured every region of Italy on foot or by bicycle and curates the photoblog Postcards from the Boot.
Carla conceived and co-led the Giro del Gelato bicycle tour winner of OUTSIDE Magazine’s “Best Trip in Western Europe,” and, for a decade, owned and operated Via Vanti! Restaurant & Gelateria in Mount Kisco, NY.

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