Words Matter: Mario Cuomo's 1984 Tale of Two Cities Relevant to Today's Politics of Disappointment

Jun 28, 2013 992

by Karen Hinton

At the recent unveiling of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo's portrait in the Governors Hall at the State Capitol, I recalled the first time I heard him speak. The elder Cuomo, after two decades of resisting, finally gave into his family's urging to follow tradition and allow the hanging of his portrait, painted last year from a photo of a younger Mario Cuomo circa mid-1980s. It was that rendering of him that took me back to a time and place very different from the summer of 2013, Albany, New York.

Almost 30 years ago, on a 30-inch Zenith TV with rabbit ear antenna situated close to the screen front door of Lusco's Restaurant in Greenwood, Mississippi, was the face of Mario Cuomo, speaking to the 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco.

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Source: The Huffington Post

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