May 22, 2015 2354

This is not a goodbye, but at Hello! With a clever acronym (Cortona Italy Alumni Organization), CIAO is an organization stemming from alumni of the UGA Cortona Program – funded by a legendary philanthropist, Mr. Jack Kehoe, it is likely the most famous and coveted art program in the South East of the U.S.

CIAO members are joining our May event in a festive, common gathering – the first of its kind. Since 1970 the program has been a leader in international arts education. This medieval hill-town offers a rich historical environment where students integrate into the local community. Cortona and Italy leave an indelible mark on all who have participated.

CIAO's mission is reconnect and nurture a community of alumni and friends and to provide an advocacy base for the future of the University of Georgia Cortona Program. If you are interested in joining their email list to get notices of CIAO events, send your email address, or new email addresses updates to: or visit: 

The $20 per year CIAO membership goes toward the costs of events, fundraising opportunities, maintaining communication, and supporting the program.

Source: Ciancia

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