Commission Denies Italian Heritage Festival Funding Request

Jul 20, 2016 1337

The Harrison County Commission has rejected a funding request from the Italian Heritage Festival board.
The board will now have to look elsewhere for an additional $3,000 to help fund the 'Glow In The Park Run' this Saturday. The commission has already granted funding for the festival over Labor Day Weekend.

Commissioner Bernie Fazzini noted that they'd like to be more conservative with funds, given some upcoming major projects. And they did not get any pushback from the board. West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival Chairman of the Board, Tyler Terango told 5 News, "I actually sit on the council for the City of Stonewood so I'm very familiar with how budgets are and how fiscally responsible you need to be with taxpayers' money". The 'Glow In The Park Run' will kick off Saturday night in Clarksburg's Jackson Square.


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