Legends of Auburn: The Napoli family has made their mark

May 15, 2023 462

Rosario and Theresa Napoli emigrated from Naples, Italy, and the Calimeri and Franchina families left Messina, Italy, to start a new life in America. Like many brave souls, “they simply sought a better life” (Alano). The Napolis raised three children, Alfred (Fred), Ida and James (Jim). Anthony Calimeri and Josephine Franchina met in 1917 and were married in Auburn in 1921, where they, too, raised three children, Anthony (Ted), Helen and Frank. And so, our story begins.

It is a pleasure to showcase Jim and Helen Napoli and their wonderful family for the May 2023 Ormie King Legends of Auburn feature. Many thanks to Sue Napoli Valentino (her mother and siblings) for contributing to this article. Auburn has long been a tapestry of rich cultural diversity; The Napoli family spans five generations and is a special part of that tapestry story.

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