Louis DiRosa, New Orleans judge for 29 years, dies at 94

Jan 03, 2021 498

BY: John Pope

Louis Anthony DiRosa, who served the legal profession for 62 years as a lawyer and a judge in New Orleans, died Dec. 16 at his Metairie home. He was 94. DiRosa established his private law practice after earning a law degree at Loyola University in 1950. He was elected a Civil District Court judge in 1983. Even though DiRosa left office in 1996, he continued as an ad hoc judge, filling in for absent colleagues, until 2012.

While DiRosa was a judge, he was concerned about the people who appeared before him, said his daughter, Denise Frederick, citing the case of one man with multiple problems. DiRosa ordered him to undergo treatment. “It weighed on him,” Frederick said. “He went to see how that person was doing. He was told nobody had done that before.”

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SOURCE: https://www.nola.com

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