Mother Cabrini, Salvatore Pizzati, & Yellow Fever Statue

Feb 18, 2020 650

BY: Charles Marsala

At the age of 40, when Mother Cabrini crossed the ocean for the first time to begin her work in America, she was penniless, alone, and couldn’t speak English. Without doubting herself, she pioneered the building of schools, hospitals, clinics, and orphanages. She was not satisfied with simply establishing the facilities, so she dedicated her life to working in them.

Mother Cabrini once said, “The greatest heritage to a girl is a good education.” Her story is told by Sister Renee Kittelson. In her schools, intellectual interests were cultivated, which prepared the girls for intelligent civic and social activities. Education in the necessary, the useful, and the beautiful was offered to them, completing the whole student academically and aesthetically.

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