New look, comfortable dishes at bistro

Jul 21, 2013 1196

by Andrea Lin

Restaurant locations that have gone through many format and ownership changes seem to bear the weight of their prior occupants' mistakes. The Saucy Italian Bistro in the Northeast Heights sits on a spot that's seen such concepts as Southwestern, steak and Mexican come and go and should be applauded for trying to start fresh. As always, the food must be good to give them a shot at success, and it's up to Maria Constantine (formerly of Mykonos Cafe) to draw in customers to the renovated space.

The Saucy Italian Bistro hopes to reset any lingering opinions about the location by serving classic Italian-American fare in a drastically renovated interior, changing the décor from "did this used to be a Twisters?" to something that one could call, well, décor.

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