New Orleans Tivoli Circle Retain the Name

Feb 20, 2021 821

BY: Charles Marsala

In 1806, less than a dozen homes existed upriver in New Orleans in what is now the Garden District. In that year, City Planner Barthelemy Lafon designed Place du Tivoli which was surrounded by Tivoli Circle as the street. Tivoli comes from Tivoli Gardens near Rome. Numerous cities around the world have named places after Tivoli. New Orleans has the Tivoli Apartments and the former Tivoli Theater on Washington Street.

Lafon’s planned carousel never happened, but numerous circuses performed at Tivoli Place. In 1877, the city council dedicated the land Tivoli Place as Lee Place. Officially to be called Lee Place at Tivoli Circle. In December 2015, the New Orleans City Council rescinded the Lee Place dedication. Thus, the names since 2015 have been Tivoli Circle and Tivoli Place.

In June 2020, Vincenzo Pasquantonio who once served as the Director of the Mayor Cantrell’s Office of Human Rights and Equity for the City of New Orleans started a petition requesting her to simply have the Tivoli street signs installed. In August 2020, Walter Isaacson tweeted to keep the name Tivoli Circle.

In June 2020, the City Council created a Street Renaming Commission (SRC), which is considering renaming both Tivoli Circle and Tivoli Place. Ironically the mission of the SRC, is to ‘remedy New Orleans’ mistreatment of Immigrant Groups.’

A campaign has been organized by The American Italian Federation to petition the SRC to “Retain The Name Tivoli.” Supporters of retaining the name are asked to visit the SRC website and click on Feedback and request the names remain Tivoli.

The Federation is also suggesting the land be used as a Blue Star & Gold Star Memorial Garden to honor US Military with a bronze Folds of Honor Flag installed at the top. A web site, Facebook Page “New Orleans Tivoli Circle for Blue Star, Pow/ Mia, Purple Heart & Gold Star,” and on-line petition have been in use for two years. The National World War II Museum is less than 400 feet from Tivoli Circle. Videos explaining Tivoli Circle in detail can be found at #RetainTheNameTivoli and the You Tube Channel Sicily Journal. Also, please check this link to a drone video I had taken.

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Petition · Tivoli Circle & Victory Place as a Blue Star Memorial for US Military Veterans ·

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