New Orleans would mistreat Italian Americans by denying Tivoli Circle

Dec 30, 2020 531

BY: Charles Marsala

The city of New Orleans should retain Tivoli Circle as the name of the land 400 feet north of The National WWII Museum. Renaming Tivoli Circle is not authorized by City Council motion M20-170 and reinforces the seventh “Whereas” clause which states: “New Orleans troubling history of mistreatment and violence toward immigrant groups.”

Taking away the Italian name “Tivoli” is additional mistreatment by New Orleans government to the Italian immigrant community. "Tivoli Circle" first appeared in New Orleans in 1807, when city engineer Barthélémy Lafon drew subdivision plans for the property above Canal Street in the Faubourgs Ste. Mary and Annunciation. Records show that on July 31, 1877, "Lee Place" within "Tivoli Circle" was authorized by Ordinance A.S. 4064. 

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