Mezza Luna Italian eatery serves coveted dishes at gracious prices

Sep 17, 2013 969

Quality of food, service most important

Owner and chef of Mezza Luna, Juan Barcenas, practices fundamentals of fine Italian cooking by creating simple, fresh and comforting dishes. Following the unspoken oath of soulful chefs, he starts with simple ingredients and makes as much as possible from scratch. The lasagna noodles, sauces, salad dressings, pizza crust and bread are a few of the items prepared in the kitchen of Mezza Luna.

"It is not just about the food," Barcenas said. "It is the way we do things."

Choosing to put the focus on food and service, decor and renovations to the restaurant have come in due time. That approach of starting with the basics and reinvesting into the restaurant as business grows has helped Barcenas keep prices low and quality high.

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