Celebrating Lamborghini: Concours d’Elegance will feature Italian sports car manufacturer on its 60th anniversary

Aug 14, 2023 333

BY: Lisa Crawford Watson

Picture it. As the story goes, Ferruccio Lamborghini, who had been manufacturing excellent tractors since 1948, had bought a Ferrari about which he made complaints. His response from Enzo Ferrari came across as an insult when he said, “Why don’t you stick to tractors, and I’ll stick to cars.” Apparently Lamborghini replied, “I can do this as well,” and set about designing his own car.

Whether it’s just a good story Lamborghini liked to tell, four months later, in 1963, he released his first car, the 350GTV, just in time for an unveiling at the 1963 Turin motor show, to successful reviews. He later reworked the production model and released the 350GT.

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SOURCE: https://www.montereyherald.com

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