The passion for Italian cars unites Rome and San Francisco – The racing legend Lorenzo Lauria

Jul 09, 2013 785

by Roberto Natalini

For the past few years, San Francisco has without a doubt been the West Coast city where one is most likely to spot a new Fiat 500. Between the City's narrow streets and challenging parking situation, the Fiat 500 seems the ideal vehicle, especially for those with a passion for Italian design.

Thanks to the partnership between two historic Italian-American Fiat Clubs, soon it will be possible to admire even more rare models in the U.S. market, such as the historic "Cinquecento" original. Represented by its Vice President Lorenzo Lauria, Fiat 500 Club Roma recently visited San Francisco to honor "the car that made the history of the world," meeting with local members of the Fiat America Club, which was founded in the Bay Area in 1969.

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