Exciting Palatine. Interview with Clementina Panella

Jan 23, 2017 4555

You can tell she fills with excitement when she has the chance to show an important archaeological find, such as a colored fragment from an 7th-century decoration or a small, sculpted face featuring an enigmatic "archaic smile". And just listening to her, we could not help but feel the same excitement.

Clementina Panella is professor of Archaeological Research Methodology and Techniques at the Literature and Philosophy Faculty of Rome's "La Sapienza" university. For over fifteen years, she has carried out excavations and research in an area between the valley of the Colosseum, the northeastern side of the Palatine Hill and the southeastern side of the Velia (from the Arch of Constantine to the Arch of Titus, in the Archaeological area of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill).

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