Alessandro Michele Designed A Gucci Call Center (— & Yes, It’s Gorgeous)

Nov 17, 2019 520

BY: Channing Hargrove

Fresh off of its most recent scandal involving a black sweater that, worn together with a matching balaclava, would give the appearance of Blackface, Gucci's business is better than ever. So much so that on Wednesday, the Italian fashion house announced the opening of Gucci 9 Hudson, the new North American Client Services Center, fully realizing Gucci’s vision to put the human touch at the center of remote service.
“I was not worried at that time and I’m not worried now. I think we are stronger than we were 10 months ago,” Gucci's CEO Marco Bizzarri told the Wall Street Journal earlier this week, referencing the aforementioned scandal. “In the bigger scheme of life, that is part of the game. You think you are the best at doing something but you realize you are not, so you change the organization and you lead with that,” he continued.

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