The company that rebuilt Genoa bridge is offering to do the same for Baltimore

May 04, 2024 973

BY: Anna Cooban

The Italian company that helped rebuild a bridge that collapsed in Genoa in 2018 says it is ready to do the same in Baltimore. WeBuild Group said in a press release Friday that it had sent a preliminary design and plans to US officials for the reconstruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, which fell apart in late March after a cargo ship hit one of its pillars. Six construction workers died in the accident.

The company, which has a subsidiary in the United States, said its proposed design would produce a safer bridge by widening the channels through which ships can pass, among other measures. The design will help prevent “the risk of a tragedy such as the one of March 26 happening again,” Carlo Ratti, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who helped develop the proposal.

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