Nutella B-ready gets only U.S. tryout at Big Y stores in Massachusetts, Connecticut

Sep 28, 2017 2451

BY: Jim Kinney

Get ready New England. Get ready for Nutella B-ready. Ferrero USA, the company that makes Nutella -- the Italian chocolate-and-hazelnut spread that inspires devotion among its fans -- has chosen Springfield-based Big Y Foods Inc. as the sole U.S. test market for its Nutella B-ready product. Nutella B-ready is a is a crispy wheat wafer filled with Nutella. "They are really good," said Claire M. D'Amour-Daley, Big Y's vice president of corporate communications. "My box at home is empty." 

Ferrero worked with Big Y last year to test market a new candy product, she said. The test went well enough that Ferrero worked with Big Y to set up this year's Nutella B-ready rollout. The B-ready test began in August and will last until early March. "They want to learn the U.S. market," D'Amour-Daley said Monday.


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