Al Dente: The design of Pasta

Mar 11, 2024 1311

Join us at the MoDA in Atlanta, GA this spring for Al Dente: The Design of Pasta, an exhibition that explores the world of one of Italy's most beloved culinary treasures. Opening April 11, 2024, this exhibition explores the history, design, and culture of pasta. Dive into the history of pasta from ancient to contemporary times. Discover the artistry behind pasta's many shapes, each designed to hold sauces in perfect harmony, enhancing flavors and textures. 

Al Dente also delves into the profound impact of pasta on Italian culture, shaping not just culinary practices but also social customs, art, and design. It further examines how pasta transcended Italian borders, weaving its way into the hearts and kitchens of people worldwide, becoming a symbol of shared experiences and universal enjoyment.

Visitors to this exhibition will be invited to explore:
• the design of traditional pasta shapes
• how mechanical and technical advancements have impacted the design of pasta
• the design of pasta advertising from the late 19th century to the present
• designer pasta, including shapes designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Philippe Starck
• the process by which Dan Pashman of Sporkful designed a brand new pasta shape, Cascatelli, released in 2021 after three years of research and development
• The future of pasta: Barilla is 3D printing pasta in new shapes to meet contemporary needs, while researchers are working on shape-shifting pasta meant to make packaging more efficient

SOURCE: Ciancia, Italian Cultural & Conversation Club

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