Fields of Gold

Jul 23, 2020 171

Sebastian Bariani guns his two-seater Kawasaki utility vehicle through his family’s 180 acres of olive trees in Zamora in Yolo County. The cart bounces up and down as he zooms through the orchards, startling jackrabbits who hop away. Bariani is checking on this year’s growth of 30,000 olive trees, which produce 33,000 gallons of Bariani Olive Oil a year.  

Bariani’s parents, Angelo and Santa, and two brothers, Enrico and Emanuele, moved from Italy to Sacramento in 1990, and the family’s olive oil is sold in local speciality stores such as Taylor’s Market and Corti Brothers (food and wine legend Darrell Corti says he was the first to carry Bariani oil), and Martha Stewart even filmed a segment with the family back in 1997.

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