Author/Chef Amy Riolo Received the Honor of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy

Nov 16, 2023 1189

The Ordine della Stella d’Italia recognizes those expatriates and foreigners who have acquired special merits in promoting friendly and cooperative relations between Italy and other countries and in fostering ties with Italy. 

During the opening day of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, a week-long series of events dedicated to “Dining with the Italian Cuisine: well-being with taste”, Amy Riolo was awarded the Honor of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy by the President of the Republic of Italy, Sergio Mattarella. She was presented the award by the Deputy Ambassador/Minister Alessandro Gonzales and the Coordinator of the Italian Consular network in the U.S., Michela Carboniero. 

During the presentation of the honor, Minister Gonzales noted that Amy Riolo has been a longtime friend of the embassy who has demonstrated excellence in her field as an author, chef, and television personality. “She’s not just an exquisite chef, but also an educator, historian, an expert in Italian food and authentic products” stated a recent post by Italy in US. For years she has promoted the Italian cuisine and Mediterranean diet.

The specific achievements which qualified her for the award were the activities which she participates in to promote the Italian language, cuisine, business, and culture for organizations and universities, her strong professional and personal ties with Italy, her co-founding A.N.I.T.A., (Accademia Nazionale Italiana Tradizione Alimentari), for organizing food and wine tours and root tourism, for her books, her work as a chef, and her role as a Mediterranean Lifestyle Ambassador.

Amy Riolo was named “The Ambassador of Italian Cuisine in the US” by The Italian International Agency for Foreign Press, “Ambassador of the Italian Mediterranean Diet 2022-2024” by the International Academy of the Italian Mediterranean Diet in her ancestral homeland of Calabria, Italy, and “Ambassador of Mediterranean Cuisine in the World” by the Rome-based media agency We The Italians.

“Dr. Amy Riolo has worked and continues to work with dedication and passion in spreading knowledge on Italian culinary culture on the international level, highlighting the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, also in the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Amy actively collaborates with the Italian Embassy, the Italian Cultural Institute and the major Italian-American associations in organizing events aiming at promoting in particular Italian cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet. For these reasons Amy Riolo is fully deserving of the awarding of the Honor of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy” said Minister Gonzales.

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