With Aventino, Bethesda Finally Gets the Destination Restaurant It Deserves

May 06, 2024 253

Downtown Bethesda is not hurting for Italian restaurants. No fewer than 13 pasta houses, trattorias, delis, and pizza shops—some several decades old—are within a three-quarter-mile radius of the genre’s latest arrival, Aventino. But there’s nothing remotely like this Rome-inspired newcomer from the folks behind Bloomingdale’s beloved Red Hen and the Navy Yard and Shaw pizzerias All-Purpose.

The dining room, all emerald green and brass, reads as clubby and chic—and, even with sponge-painted terra-cotta walls, entirely current. At the giant bar in the center of the restaurant, the crowd (there’s always a crowd) sips dirty martinis tinted with squid ink, sunset-hued Sicilian spritzes, and pitch-perfect Negronis. Aventino feels like what every owner dreams of: the place to be.

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SOURCE: https://www.washingtonian.com/

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