Our Journey Across the Mediterranean with Amy Riolo and Culinaria Cooking School

Jun 20, 2018 583

Amy Riolo is a self-proclaimed "culinary anthropologist." According to Chef Jason Roberts, she is "A true guardian of the techniques and inherent goodness of the Mediterranean lifestyle." But what does being a culinary anthropologist actually entail? Amy, an Italian-American chef, author, and advocate of the Mediterranean diet, teamed up with Culinaria Cooking School's Chefs Stephen Sands and Pete Sniath to lead us on a gastronomical tour of Italy, Greece, and Morocco.

Over the course of eight meals, we learned techniques and terms related to Mediterranean cooking; yet, beyond this surface, Amy took us to the root of the foods, inviting us to appreciate the true culture behind Mediterranean cuisine.

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SOURCE: http://ciaodc.blogspot.com

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