Via Roma Pizzeria in Maryland Bets Big on Pinsa

Jul 29, 2021 170

BY: Richard Martin

Via Roma is a famous street in Napoli, and, since spring of this year, Via Roma Pizzeria is the name of a new restaurant in Camp Springs, Maryland. Its owner, Biagio Cepollaro, and its chef, Tonino Topolino, are Washington, DC-area Italian restaurant veterans, and natives of Naples, Together, they are now bringing a friendly Italian vibe to a neighborhood outside of Washington D.C. that will be home to the massive United States Citizen and Immigration Services headquarters, with 4,000 employees, when it opens in September.

As they await the influx of customers from the government building down the block, Cepollaro and his team are serving locals what for many is their first taste of pinsa, the Roman-style pizza variation that is made by pinching the dough, which is also fermented longer than a typical pizza.

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