Thursday: A Taste of Little Italy

Jan 14, 2016 331

6-9 p.m., Kohler Signature Store, 300 Albemarle St., Baltimore (MD)(410) 752-4515,, $35.

You may think that Italian food is just pizza and pasta; and, yeah, that is a lot of it. But it's the best pizza and pasta, and other incarnations of bread and tomatoes and olive oil and wine and meat and everything good in this world. Expand your palate at this fundraiser to bring back Little Italy's new tradition, the Madonnari (Italian street painting) Arts Festival, with art up for sale, drinks, and tastes of traditional Italian grub from Chiapparelli's, Aldo's, Ciao Bella, Amicci's, and Cafe Gia Ristorante.


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