40 Years Later, Mirabell German Goes Italian As Mirabella Opens Today

Dec 14, 2016 298

by Ashok Selvam

Mirabell Restaurant's nearly 40-year run evoked a strain of sentimentality in Chicago, as German restaurants have become scarce in the city. Arthuro Aucaquizpi hopes he can continue to channel those decades of good times as he opens Mirabella Italian Cuisine at 4 p.m. today in the historic space on Addison Street. Aucaquizpi will use his experience accrued at Chicago's famed Gene & Georgetti, the esteemed, historic Italian steakhouse where he spent 20 years as executive chef.

The opening was originally scheduled for last week, but nearby work from People's Gas crews intermittently knocked out the restaurant's gas and water. It disappointed Aucaquizpi, but he and his team knew the importance of making a first impression on diners.

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Source: http://chicago.eater.com/

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