Marzetti® Foodservice: Dressing up menus for over 100 years

Nov 18, 2016 411

With this short notation on a scrap of paper, Teresa Marzetti set the tone for the company that still bears her name. It all began in 1896 when Teresa Marzetti arrived in the United States from Florence, Italy. She started her small Italian restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. It grew to become a four star restaurant, and one of the finest dining experiences in the Midwest.

Customers particularly enjoyed Teresa's Creamy Coleslaw and French dressings, and were often seen leaving the restaurant with bottles of their freshly-made favorites. By 1955 the dressings had become so renowned that the upstairs kitchen became a full-scale factory. Soon the Marzetti® brand of salad dressings found its way into grocery stores throughout Ohio.

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