The Great Cannoli Debate: Reviewing Mike’s, Modern, and Bova’s

Oct 01, 2023 738

BY: Andrew DiBiasio

Boston’s North End has remained a lively district for decades — especially with the car and foot traffic that seems to only rise in extremity as time passes. But at the crossroads between international culture and American history, this eclectic neighborhood provides visitors with a more immersive experience. And it starts with love at first bite: the cannoli.

This fried, tube-shaped pastry is filled with ricotta for a sweet ending to a traditional Italian dinner. However, situated under this innocent dessert is some friendly competition. Now here’s the famous question: Which bakery do I choose? Mike’s, Modern, or Bova’s? This cannoli dilemma has been heated since the 1950s and social media has launched this conundrum from local fame to national frenzy and I’m here to review each of my experiences.

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