Victory At The Great Italian American Grape Stomp

Mar 12, 2024 884

BY: Julianna Forlano

We are the champions my friends! Cue the theme from Rocky. For a full year, I am officially the mother part of the formidable mother-daughter team who took first place at the Avon, Connecticut Prince Thomas Of Savoy Italian American Club Festival’s Grape Stomping competition. In the finals, my daughter and I produced 4 full, overflowing pitchers of grape juice in just under 5 minutes.

The other finalists? They barely eeked out 2! If you’ll allow me this pun, I must say,  We CRUSHED THEM! I am not used to contests of sport. And I had never stomped grapes before. But stepping into the seasoned oak half cask, the sensation of cold soft grapes on my bare feet and their attendant tickly stems poking up between my toes must have activated my Southern Italian DNA because I was instantly ready to rumble.

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