An Early Look at Emily, A New Clinton Hill Pizzeria

Feb 26, 2014 571

Over the weekend, we dropped into Emily (919 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, 347-844-9588), the new Clinton Hill pizzeria opened in late January by Brooklyn Central alums Emily and Matt Hyland. The Kickstarter-funded, family-run operation (Emily's sister Lauren greets guests at the door, acting as host, waitress, busser etc) is putting out unfussy Italian-American food: pastas, salads and small plates, and, most crucially, brick-oven pizzas.

Even at 5 p.m. on a Sunday, a convivial crowd filled the small storefront dining room, which is sparsely decorated but homey with its clean white walls and dark wood floors. The piece de resistance is a metal sculpture near the host stand, which Lauren tells us came from her and Emily's parents' place. "We've both loved it for years," she told us when we complimented it.

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