Iavarone Bros.: Have Lunch With Family

Feb 08, 2016 949

Iavarone Bros. isn't your average deli, ranging in different meats, cheese and seafood, this family owned deli brings Italian flavor down the block from your home. Located in Maspeth, Iavarone Bros. prides themselves on their customer loyalty, people come in and are automatically greeted by the butchers by name. The shop gives you a feeling of welcoming friendships and great food.

From sandwiches to sausage and peppers to rice balls, the variety is endless in this decent-sized shop. The Arancini is one of their store favorites, it's mini-arborio rice balls with small bits of prosciutto and melted Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese blended perfectly together to create a smooth taste, while the outside has a toasted coating and a slight crunch when first biting into it.

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Source: http://queenstribune.com/ 

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