Italian cuisine week makes a global comeback and Puglia becomes the star of the Big Apple

Nov 10, 2023 986

"Eat Well, Feel Wonderful." This is the core concept of the all-Apulian event that will take place in New York on November 15, 16, and 17 during the Italian Cuisine Week in the World, now in its eighth year.

The three-day celebration is dedicated entirely to "Mangiare Bene e Sentirsi in Forma" "Eating well and Feeling great," a simple yet impactful slogan that the Puglia Region and its Department of Agriculture are promoting abroad to emphasize how the excellent quality, combined with the sustainability of exported agri-food products, is a key point for personal wellbeing and, consequently, for society as a whole.

This theme of wellness is particularly poignant in America, especially in New York, where American and International consumers are continually searching for good products that can reduce diseases related to cholesterol, obesity, or hypertension and be the right ingredients for a lifestyle that promotes health, wellbeing, and sustainability.

Bringing together the "big names in Apulian food and wine" - Casillo Group, Gioiella, Frantoio Muraglia, Granoro, and the wines represented by the Puglia in Rosé association, including Vespa Vignaioli's wines - American food bloggers and New York wellness experts will have the opportunity, during the three different events, to not only learn about the products of Apulian excellence but especially the characteristics that make these products highly digestible, healthy, and sustainable without compromising taste. In short, the secret of the New Sustainable Apulian Diet respecting tradition, innovation, and the United Nations Agenda 2030 goals on environment and sustainability. 

The first leg of this three-day event will see the Italian General Consulate at 690 Park Avenue host the opening conference. In addition to the host, General Consul Fabrizio Di Michele, who will welcome guests, attendees will include the Director of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) Giovanni Mafodda, the Director of the Puglia Region's Department of Agriculture, Gianluca Nardone, and the President of the CxRA Cuisine Experiences Restaurant Associates - Compass Group, Dean Martinus. Television journalist Francesca Di Matteo will moderate the panel discussion, which will be followed by a buffet where guests will have the opportunity to taste and experience the sustainable diet of Puglia, and its spirit of eating well and healthily. In the select choice of wines from the Puglia in Rosé association, the wines of Vespa Vignaioli's Winery will stand out, cultivated with sustainable methods, preserving biodiversity, and reducing environmental impact.

The second leg, on November 16, features the MasterClass - Pizza Lab at San Matteo Pizzeria on the Upper East Side. The lab's focus will be directly on the products and environmental consciousness in production practices: "Le Speciali" flour and semolina from Molino Casillo, which include the wheat germ and thus are highly digestible; Gioiella's burrata, mozzarella and stracciatella with 100% Italian organic milk; Frantoio Muraglia's EVO oil with its organoleptic qualities; and Granoro's "glyphosate-free" pasta produced with 100% Apulian wheat.

The third and final leg takes place at the CxRA headquarters with an exclusive selection of guests and the involvement of the Beverage Manager of RA, a multinational catering services provider at prestigious locations like MoMA, the Morgan Library, the Guggenheim, and New York's Lincoln Center. Here, among industry experts, four Italian chefs will perform in a live lab to impart to 15 American executive chefs the philosophies and techniques of sustainable Apulian cooking, thus promoting tradition, innovation, and culinary sustainability.

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