Men Who Dine Guest Bloggers: Italian Dine Out at Macelleria!

Jul 21, 2013 1786

Before it was hip and trendy in the Meatpacking District, Sergio and Violetta Bitici, became pioneers and opened the now legendary Macelleria. Macelleria means "butcher shop" in Italian and to be completely honest, this is where you can find some of the best steaks on the planet.

Sergio Bitici is one of New York City's premiere restauranteurs who is a passionate about his restaurant as he is warm and gracious to his customers. The food at Macelleria is nothing short of spectacular. This is where a lifetime of knowledge of Italian cuisine is served in one of the most rustic and comfortable settings to be found in New York. Macelleria at its core is an Italian steak house serving premium dry-aged beef sourced from the finest purveyors. But don't think that is where the amazing food ends.

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