Pastosa celebrates 50 years as Staten Island's 'Best Specialty Store'

Sep 27, 2015 405

by Pamela Silvestri

Vincent D'Antuono Sr. threw a party Saturday to celebrate a series of milestones: Pastosa Ravioli just hit 50 years in business. It's also Vincent's 75th birthday. And, oh yes, the shopkeeper is quite thrilled over his store's 2015 Staten Island Readers' Choice Award wins in three categories: "Best Specialty Store," "Best Meatball" and "Best Riceball."

"I want to say thank you to our customers," said Vincent, fussing over trays of gourmet nibbles, complimentary to shoppers this day, as a nearby staffers bunned up Boars Head hot dogs with all the fixin's from a small cart. As his wife, Liz D'Antuono, cut birthday cake and laughed with revelers, Vincent patted a patron on the shoulder as he passed saying, "Ay, Goumba — how are ya?"

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